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Amina Technologies design and manufacturer invisible loudspeakers and discrete sound solutions. The perfect solution for both historic and modern minamlist designs.
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Harrogate House

One of the most desirable houses in the UK, this art deco dream on the outskirts of Harrogate is visually stunning. Simple, no fuss and boasting large minimalist open plan for living space, the interior design is consciously contemporary. Although the interior incorporates the very latest audio visual, communication and entertainment systems, the visual disruptions from this state of the art technology has been minimised.

The center piece of the house is the main living area with two full height, two story windows providing magnificent views of the garden and let light flood into the room.But for the AV suite it meant there were very real physical restrictions on where loudspeakers could be put. The only available space was at the extremes of the room.

The audio set up was a 5.1 surround sound configuration which worked along side two centrally located plasma screens. Conventional in wall speakers were set up before but the room and location restrictions resulted in unacceptably poor performance. 

Amina loudspeakers were the solution to this issue., placing the speakers in the exact same location produced outstanding results with the audio quality. The entire room is now filled with high definition sound with no more steep sound pressure gradients and the speakers have disappeared. 

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