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Amina Technologies design and manufacturer invisible loudspeakers and discrete sound solutions. The perfect solution for both historic and modern minamlist designs.
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Technology in New Homes

ShowHouse Magazine had a chat with the MD of Amina Technologies about the Invisible Loudspeakers and technology in homes, here is what he had to say.

Is it important to include smart home technology?
I very much believe customer expectations of a new home is and will continue to follow the expectations they have of features found in a modern car, especially as reliable, compact and fully inclusive integration technology is offered to them in an ever increasingly affordable fashion.  Very few people today would reject the idea of having electric windows, electronic management systems (which dramatically improves efficiency), blue tooth connected entertainment and communication systems, parking sensors, high technology keyless entry and security systems and Satellite Navigation systems in their car.  In fact the lack of any of these features makes a car a lot less desirable and a lot harder to sell today.
This can also be seen in the desire that has existed for some time now in the housing market for properties with features such as underfloor heating, and more recently energy saving devices such as extremely high levels of insulation, PV energy generation and heat recovery systems.  Such properties are relatively rare and very much demand a premium value and are quickly snapped up.
The consumer is fully aware of the cost of energy, both financially and from an environmental point of view, and that its expense is not only going to rise, but do so in an ever accelerating fashion.  Therefore, just as the new car has to be more efficient, consumers will demand very efficient next homes.
In the same way a home equipped with a sophisticated alarm system, not just the type the wakes the neighbours, but that actually sends you video footage to your phone to allow to understand what’s going on, is increasing sensible.  The very same electronics now allow the consumer to communicate with the home to control lights, temperature, blinds etc., all remotely from the smartphone.
We all appreciate the world is now forever digital where content is increasing being sourced from the ‘Cloud’ or kept on instantly accessible hard drives within the home.  Homes that are wired throughout, distributing broadband to any room, allow high definition video and audio (including gaming and knowledge) streaming to be selected and played in any location.
Music streaming and reproduction in multiple areas of the home is now very easily possible without the need for wall mounted complex and costly control panels.  A simple multi-channel amplifier in a central cupboard along with an internet connected hard disk source wirelessly controlled from a smart phone is all that is required to generate completely different audio streams to every room in the home.
Keeping the number of electronic components down to a simple minimum like this allows for easy and cost effective replacement when items break or become obsolescent.  Infrastructure items such as wiring and loudspeakers should last the lifetime of the building.    Conventional grilled in-ceiling speakers may need replacing more frequently because of discolouration of the grille.  They also tend to be more obvious and obtrusive, spoiling interior design criteria.  The invention of plastered over fully invisible loudspeakers by Amina more than 12 years ago, means that these infrastructure audio sources no longer affect any interior design, now or however decoration is changed in the future, and they never need to be changed.
Aesthetics, design and stunning modern interiors are the other crucial area in driving the perception of property value and speed up sales. With technologies such as Invisible loudspeakers, wireless control of internet / hard disk sources and remote monitoring, the developer really can add all the functionality to a home whilst allowing the design team the freedom to create desirable properties for the future.
Should house builders be embracing technology more?
For the very reasons already discussed, these new simpler, all embracing technologies should indeed be taken up by the house building community.  Like the car market, this technology may never be attractive in the very entry level house market, but should be considered for executive homes, if for no other reason than to help drive consumers desires to move up to them as they progress the housing ladder.
Just like car manufacturers, housing developers should in addition to energy conservation (which includes lighting control), now be working with manufacturers to establish standardised packages of infrastructure items (wiring, speakers, alarms sensors etc.) along with some of the new smart phone controlled, internet enabled audio and video distribution components together with remote security monitoring and control components.

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What  beautiful room, wouldn’t it be perfect to not have a visible speaker glaring down at you in the ceiling ?


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Our German Distributer Ralph has been at the Light + Building show in Frankfurt on the AMX stand over the last few days and he reported back about how many people he had a chat with about the interest of the Amina Invisible Loudspeakers, the numbers are amazing, well done Ralph for putting on a great exhibition and thank you to all who attended and came for a chat.

Homebuilding and Renovating tickets

We still have 50 pairs of Homebuilding and Renovating tickets to give away. It is held in Birmingham at The NEC from 27th - 30th March. Email: for more information.


Matt Holland at Eco Build 2014 talking about the Amina Speakers

A busy week with Amina Technologies

It has been a busy week in Amina Technologies, it is a busy period with so many events and exhibitions taking place around the world which we have been trying to be a part of. Because it has been that busy it felt right to have a weeks update to say what we have been up to, what you may have missed and what you could be a part of in the near future.

Firstly was Chris Smythe recovering from the Build it Live event in London with Clarke Infinity. This event was based in Kent and it included many exhibitors for those wanting to build their own homes or wanted to rebuild ones already made. From this we met and received contacts from many great people over that weekend, our stand and speakers were a bit hit with people flocking around our stall. Those people who spoke to us over the weekend we hope to get in touch with to bring invisible loudspeakers into their rooms and their lives.

Not long after this show we received our event uniforms to wear while out at shows. We wanted to stand out more and been seen. (Unlike our speakers) and this was the best way to do so. The whole team was very excited when the box of shirts arrived with most people in the office instantly diving into the box and trying on different shirts to grab the right size for them. As you can see here, I also enjoyed the new shirts we received and happily modelled them. This was great as there was another event just around the corner.

We had spent weeks preparing for this one, it was a large show, I myself had never attend before but upon arriving it was easy to see that EcoBuild in London was a massive event for interior designers, architects and installers. EcoBuild was a 3 day event which bought thousands of people to listen to the invisible speakers. The first day was hosted by Jemma and Richard Newlove, after a minor crisis of a power cut 5 minutes before the exhibition opened the stand was swarmed by attendees who were wowed by the invisible speakers. Day 2 had Matthew Holland and Jo Broadley running the stand, once again this was a very busy day, many contacts were made and yet again hundreds for wows poured into the stand as people heard our speakers. Finally, the last day was Chris and myself to be on the stand, arriving early we were eager to meet everyone get them involved with invisible speakers, we had a wide variety of different attendees talking to us about possible projects and builds, it was a third busy day, but great to attend.  Everyone at Amina Technologies thanks all those who attended this event and we cannot wait to get in touch with everyone with possible future projects.

So now we are all back in the office, exhausted but delighted about the last week of events, looking forward to the weekend and getting ready for the other exhibitions coming up. We have one in Poland, Budma in Poznan on the 11th - 14th of March, this will be attended by the Polish Distributer. Then at the end of the month we haveHome Building & Renovating at the NEC in Birmingham on the 27th - 30th of March.

Matt Hollands presents the Amina Invisible Loudspeakers at ISE2014

Beautiful interior, but with Amina Invisible Loudspeakers those speaker blemishes in the ceiling would not exist. 


Living room

Beautiful interior, but with Amina Invisible Loudspeakers those speaker blemishes in the ceiling would not exist. 


Living room

Beautiful interior, but with Amina Invisible Loudspeakers those speaker blemishes in the ceiling would not exist. 

Beautiful view from the office

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